Finished yesterday, I couldn't resist dropping the RGBDo mix on Friday the 13th. Named for the birthday's this week (Owen is only little), this Pop culture mix is all over the genre map (Hip hop, rock/metal, house and retro) with each song either being recommended by someone or coming from a TV show or movie.

Some of you may be happy to learn Owen's pick: Five little monkeys Jumping on the bed didn't make the cut.

It's about time we dropped a new mix, several of the tracks on the Bow Clam Haida Thon 2013 mix are big enough you'll recognize them.  Named for the bow river floods, Motts Clamato, and a trip to Haida Gwaii.
The new mix has passed rigorous testing.  The Plastic Hundred Peace Mix is up for distribution. Named for the new Plastic $100 bill in Canada, and the infamous Calgary Peace Bridge... which might open this weekend (finally).
A new mix is started, Plastic Hundred Peace Mix, excited to mix in Elektrisk Gønner and Ominous Cloud. Lets just say you won't be wanting for an accordian.
Named for a nearby honey shop that had it's open sign on even at 11pm (is there ever a bad time to buy honey?), Brad's 24hr Honey 2011 mix is complete. 66 minutes of house and top 40 songs starting fast (150bpm) and slowing just at the end (89bpm), this mix is a great accompaniment to an (hour long) workout.
In honour of Captain Brad, and to remember the choking, burning, boarding, napping, game fueled fun. A house mix is under way, based on the current top 40 music. It's name? Brad's 24hr Honey 2011 Mix.
Named for interesting items in the news, and perhaps a play on the title of a play ("Arsenic and Old Lace") the Arsenic + Wikileaks 2010 mix is now complete.
Alright! The Tin Top 40 2010 mix has been added to the site, this mix of the best of Top 40 music (completed at the beginning of October). Somehow a CD release party didn't come together, but the tunes and mix are still good :)
Goal! As the Canadian men's hockey team wins gold in overtime, the Golds At Home 2010 mix is completed. Canada set a new record for the most gold medals won at a Winter Olympic Games (14, previous record of 13 in 2002 and 1976), beat our American friends at hockey, and best of all - won a case of beer from Barack Obama (you going to share Mr Harper?)
I've amassed enough new tunes... it's time to put together a mix. I'm hoping to name it after some gold medal wins @ the Olympics... I guess I'll have to hold of on the name until next Sunday (28th). [It's become the Golds At Home 2010 mix]
Finally got mix details up for Robin + Shannon's Summer 2009 and Shirts Off 2009 mixes.
Robin + Shannon's Summer 2009 mix is CD release + tasting. This is the second mix dedicated to friends... they might even recognize a few tracks from the wedding.
The Shirts Off 2009 mix is complete... an hour of solid grooving tunes. Shirts off, heads down people!
I'm in Miami Banff, Trick!  A new mix is in the works: Robin + Shannon's Summer 2009 ... stay tuned.
After discovering track 5 is Hanif's favourite of summer it's been renamed in honor: Don + Hanif's Summer Mix 2009
That's a wrap! The new Need A Vowel 2009 Don + Hanif's Summer Mix 2009 mix is out... warm up your speakers.
Wondering about the (former) name? Check out the artists on 7, 11 and 14!
We may have lost some vowels in the making of this year's new mix, but you're gonna love the tunes.
Track listing for Summer's Not Dead Yet 2008 available. This is the second house mix for the year - it was bumper year for new tunes!
Track listing for Shirts Off 2008 available. Progressive house, for those who enjoy the deeper style of house. Twelve tracks over 69:51 for your listening pleasure.
Track listing for Friday Mix 2008 available. This is an eclectic mix of tunes for a Friday.
Tina's Friday 3 Mix started. Alternate mixes: ShirtsOff2008 and SummersNotDeadYet2008 also started.
Track listing for Tina's Friday 2 Mix 2007 available.
Track listing for the new Balzac Billy Better Be Right 2008 mix now available.
Long awaited site redesign - lots of pages in progress!